Thrice Trumpeted Truths


     "I dedicate this study to the memory of and recognition of many pastors, Bible teachers, authors, friends and peers—past and present, that have faithfully taught the Word throughout my life. And now, to each current student of the Bible, my prayer is that this study will spark greater interest as you identify and follow the truths in God’s Revelation."

     When researching, compiling and editing the book, Thrice Trumpeted Truths, I determined to do this almost totally from the Scriptures themselves rather than seeking assistance from scores of commentaries that are available. I did consult both commentaries and individuals to verify many of my findings and comments. However, most comments are based on the reading of the Word, itself. It becomes its own commentary. (It must be noted that identification of a uniquely stated truth was only possible by use of computer search capabilities. The task was not simply to find a triple but to be certain that this same unique identification did not appear a fourth time. It was to be three and only three.)
     Over the years, I have found that the more time I spend studying various views and interpretations of the Scriptures – the less focus I have on the text's actual intent.
     It must be acknowledged that no interpretation is mine alone. Each of us is influenced by our parents, teachers, pastors, books, pamphlets, life experiences, and hopefully, most of all by the Scriptures themselves.
     The book omitted an acknowledgments page because of the publisher's page constraints. So, allow me to list a few who have been very influential in my life: my parents, Walter & Louise Holland (both were godly and biblically oriented); in my 8th grade - Pastor Otto Schlegelmilch who required memorization of more than 500 Bible verses; in high school - Mrs. Billheimer and others who required whole passages for memorization, Rev. Paul Billheimer who taught me reliance on the Scriptures for life's decisions; at Moody Bible Institute - Dr. Cultbertson, Mr. Broman, Dr. Voss and others. Also, having great impact were my pastors: Steward Webber, Allan Redpath, A.W. Tozer, Frank Hooper, Wm. Lincoln, and currently, Bob Loggans. Not to be omitted are scores of chapel speakers at Great Commission High School, Moody Bible Institute, and Maranatha Baptist Bible College.
     To mention authors would fill a page but due note must be taken of a few who stand out: H.A. Ironside, Henry Morris, John Whitcomb, Frank Gabelein, Francis Schaeffer, Rovi Zacharias, Werner Gitt and others.
     Also significant were secular university professors (un-named) who made efforts to convince me that their personal animosity and secularistic rejection of any kind of "god" was valid. However, their rantings against any idea of a "scripture" or of a "revelation" or of "sin" evidenced no rational or empirical validity. Requirements to read authors whose doctrines, although in novel form, did not add any credibility. Each professor and/or author drove me to greater reliance on the authenticity and reliability of the 66 Books that completed God's Revealed Word. (Jesus stated, "Thy Word is Truth.")

     Individual acknowledgements for the book itself include the entire class of about 30 senior saints whose input and comments throughout the six month study were of great value. Also, the primary reader David White, M.Div., Ph.D. and others: Marshall Corrick, M.S.T., Ed.D., Claude Linder, Cal Robinson, Bill White, Bruce Etchison, M.S., Angela Morris, M.S., Sandy Lange, Zachary Greco, Ray Blackman, Denise Graziano, Terry & Mary Schultz and to my wife for her hours of proofreading with great patience and encouragement - Phyllis (Goin) Holland.

     My prayer is that many will find a renewed eagerness to study, meditate and follow the truths of God's Word.


J. Mark Holland

Mark grew up in a Christian home in which Bible study was a regular routine. He attended grades 6, 7, 8 in a parochial school, memorizing hundreds of scripture verses and then to a Christian high school in which the Bible classes focused on the Bible itself; then came three years of Bible Institute study, followed by an equivalent of 5 years in three state universities including both a B.S. and M.A degree. In 2003 he was awarded the degree, D.Hum.

He taught Bible, Math, and Science in Christian elementary and high schools followed by 26 years as a Bible college faculty member. Thus, Bible study has been his heart's desire. His personal study resulting in Thrice Trumpeted Truths is a capstone effort and could only be possible by a foundational knowledge of the English Bible with "computer searches" to verify the findings as unique triple proclamations (identified as a triple: as three and only three) of God's truths.

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